We are a company that makes pull up bars. Our bars are perfect for people with limited space. Pull up bars can be used in gyms or at home for any activity. The concept is simple: One bar supports multiple people, so everyone’s safety is ensured! We offer different types of pull up bars, from the premium commercial grade to the budget-friendly garage gym-grade pull up bar.Our mission is to make fitness training accessible to everyone in the world and keep ourselves inspired by dreams and goals while pushing limits and continually learning new skills in our lives.We live out this motto every day with our work as well as our personal lives.


We specialize in creating the most durable and versatile pull up bars on the market. There’s a reason why our products come with a lifetime warranty, and why we’re committed to customer service. That’s because we want you to get the most out of your pull up bar no matter what your fitness goals are—and that’s why we created Pull Up Bars.

Pull up bars are a home fitness essential because they work almost any muscle group you have. You can increase your core muscle strength, arms, and back while also helping your shoulders and decreasing some muscle groups that don’t get much exercise often.If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your core, improve your stamina and flexibility – but still need to save space in your home or apartment – a pull up bar is the perfect solution. At pullupbarshop.com you’ll find hundreds of options to buy a pull-up bar that works perfectly for you, no matter what type of space you have available.Before we created our company, we were working at big chain gyms with full time schedules of machines and greasy food. One day it was suggested that we do an experiment and give ourselves 4 hours per week at home for the next 6 weeks with nothing but pull-up bars added back into our workouts. The experiment was successful and as soon as you see the results in yourself (and just how much time our limited work outs saved us) it’s easy to see why thousands of people have turned to them since!